Virtual Reality Experience Studio

Would you appreciate a Virtual Reality Experience?

Introducing –

Virtual Reality Experience Studio

We offer a Virtual Experience to see, and be onboard the International Space Station, more than 200 miles above the Earth and travelling at 17,500 mph!

Many other VR experiences are available including: an intro to VR, Roller Coaster VR, Sail a Yacht VR, Explore Dali’s world, and a Virtual Flight Simulation Experience

If yes, then please contact Harveyphoto at or fill in the form below. Include in your message “Virtual Reality Experience”.

In the Subject Line enter Space VR. Include your name/handle, and your interest in space travel and mention that you saw the ad on the GoSpaceWatch Newsletter. By return you will get an info-pac in Pdf format for you to look at or print out to understand our offers.

View the Earth from the Cupola, the viewing window on the ISS, as it makes its journey across the sky (Ask us How to spot it and when to see it?) See the Universe as the Astronauts see it. To find you way around its different sections as if you are actually there!

I am “Harveyphoto“. I am a keen photographer and ISS aficionado. I am based in Ketley, Telford, where I have a Virtual Reality Studio. I am fully DBS checked. I offer an inspirational presentation all about Space Exploration which will include a brief talk and information about the ISS, then an introduction to a Virtual Reality situation, followed by you actually sitting in the driving seat as an Astronaut as you take onboard the experience of being out there with them.

You may have friends or colleagues who might be interested? Please forward this info to them but ask them to include your name in their message to us.