GoSpaceWatch Online Lectures

Thursday 6th October at 20:00 BST

A World Space Week Event

Space Sustainability: The Time to Act is Now! By Andrea Stewart of Astroscale

Thursday 20th October at 20:00 BST

Skyrora: Transforming Life from Space

By By Rosie Hull, Business Analyst, Skyrora

Friday 11th November at 16:00 GMT

Build Your Own Satellite: Inspiring the Next Generation with AmbaSat

By Khurram Hussain of AmbaSat

With Bromsgrove School Astronomy Club

Thursday 17th November at 20:00 GMT

The European Service Module for Orion

By Sian Cleaver of Airbus Space, Germany

moon walk, astronaut, astronaut suit-60616.jpg

Thursday 15th December at 20:00 BST

Apollo 17

By Ben Evans

cosmos, milky way, night-1853491.jpg

earth, graphics, cosmos-1607281.jpg